A world where Dragons have all but vanished, and those who speak of them, are seldom heard from again.

Character Creation

  1. Roll 4D6 and drop the lowest value and then add them together, except for any ones rolled, add those in too. Do this until you have have seven numbers total in your first set, and drop the lowest one to now total six. Repeat this process two more time until you have three sets total. Pick the one you like best. If you are dissatisfied with these three sets, you may roll a fourth, but only after you have erased the previous three. This will be your final set. Arrange stats accordingly.
  2. First level of character hit points (whether from class or otherwise) are maximized.
    HD d6,d8, and d10 reroll ones, d4 does not, and d12 rerolls 1’s and 2’s.
  3. Starting gold will be 1000, and 4000 for magic item purchases, remainder may be kept. You may start with up to 2 Master Work items. Basic starting gear will be free to include up to one mount.
  4. Be thoughtful in your backstory and try to come up with a reason your character is an adventurer.

Starting Level
4th, level adjustments and monstrous HD are applied retroactively, not to exceed +3.

Nothing to do with dragons, to include the Sorcerer class and Draconic language.

Surge of Darkness

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